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F Series Fender Covers

f series master fender covers product

Fender Covers for Popular Brands.

Double layered making them softer more durable & reversible.Master Fender Covers are specially designed to protect the topsides and hull from fender scuff and reduce the need for expensive gel coat repairs.They are made from a premium stain resistant non-abrasive loop-knit acrylic fabric which is both durable and fade resistant.


  • The F-Series are double-layered and are reversible
  • Fits Taylor Made®
  • Fits Tuff End™

Conversion Chart

Master Fender Cover ModelTaylor Fender ModelPolyform Fender Model
F-4 SeriesN/AF4
F-7 SeriesTuff End 15" x 41"F7
F-8 SeriesNAF8
F-10 SeriesTuff End 19" x 50"F10
F-11 SeriesTuff End 24" x 57"F11
F-13 SeriesTuff End 32' x 77"F13