master fender warranty

A Series Fender Covers

MFC A Series Fenders blue

Fender Covers for Popular Brands.

Master Fender Covers are specially designed to protect the topsides and hull from fender scuff and reduce the need for expensive gel coat repairs. They are made from a premium stain resistant, non-abrasive, loop-knit acrylic fabric, which is both durable and fade resistant.


  • The A-Series are double-layered and are reversible
  • Fits Taylor Made®
  • Fits Tuff End™

Conversion Chart

Master Fender Cover ModelTaylor Fender ModelPolyform Fender Model
A2Tuff End Round 1146A2
A3Tuff End Round 1149A3
A4Tuff End Round 1152A4
A5Tuff End Round 1155A5
A6Tuff End Round 1157A6